Dutch Course for Foreigners  

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Dutch Course for Foreigners
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  • Temporarily with free language app
  • Available in 28 languages
  • Includes pronunciation exercises
  • Afronding: Erkend diploma
  • Studieduur: 9 maanden

Dutch as a second language? Follow the Dutch Course for Foreigners

Is Dutch not your native language, but would you like to become proficient in this language? Do you wish to rapidly enhance your Dutch vocabulary and pronunciation? Would you like to study Dutch from anywhere in the world (even if you're abroad)? Then enroll in the course Dutch for Foreigners at NHA!

Dutch for Foreigners is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their proficiency in this language. The program emphasizes active and practical usage of Dutch, placing less emphasis on grammar. 

You will learn Dutch in a step-by-step manner, similar to how you acquired your native language. While it is beneficial to have some prior knowledge of Dutch to successfully complete this course, it is not a necessity.

Available in 28 languages

Dutch for Foreigners is available in the languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, German, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, Tigrinya, Czech, Turkish, Vietnamese, Ukrainian  and Swedish. 

Learn to get by in daily situations

By applying the practical study material, you can learn the Dutch language very quickly. This course contains many example sentences and you will do a lot of fill-in and pronunciation exercises. Because of the smart lesson structure, your language skills will improve quickly. The varied study material makes this course diverse and challenging.

At the end of the Dutch Course for Foreigners, you can deal with daily situations. You will also be able to understand and speak Dutch. Furthermore you can also read and write properly at an intermediate level. The A2 level (NT2) that you achieve also suits the integration rules.

Thousands of happy students!

Many students from all around the world have already finished this course successfully. You will see that following this course is easy and you will experience that your Dutch will improve quickly.

Are you looking for a high-quality Dutch for Foreigners course? Enroll today!


Study Guide Dutch for Foreigners

The Dutch Course for Foreigners consists of:

  • A course book with practical texts about Dutch situations. No difficult words and many example sentences are used. All texts from this course book can also be listened to online.
  • A digital learning environment where plenty of fill-in, answer the questions and translate the words exercises are used. Extra easy to practice with Cloze Texts: you have to fill in the missing words in the text.
  • Glossaries in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, German, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, Tigrinya, Czech, Turkish, Vietnamese , Ukrainian and Swedish. If you do not have access to a computer you can use the free glossaries.
  • Sound recordings: you can listen to words and texts from the course book. With one click, you can get the translations in all of the above-mentioned languages. A perfect supplement to this course book.
  • Exercises: have your pronunciation checked by a native Dutch speaker.
  • Homework instructions (as far as possible in your native language): learn how you can do your homework and submit it to your teacher.


Dit zijn specifieke reviews over Dutch Course for Foreigners, afkomstig van het onafhankelijke reviewplatform eKomi.

Nederlands voor Anderstaligen

Ik denk dat het een ideale situatie is voor mensen die zich geen tijd kunnen veroorloven om in de klas te leren. De voordelen zijn enorm en ik hoop de mijne te maximaliseren.


Will be great the option of online classes in real time, not having the explanation at the moment or not practicing verbally to the teacher or other students makes more difficult to lear the language.


goede cursus maar er is wel al een basiskennis Nederlands nodig en kennis van pc.


De producten zijn heel mooi en hangen heel mooi en schattig en geven je energie, energie en goede motivatie om te lezen terwijl je thuis bent waar en wanneer je wilt leren


Diploma or certificate Dutch for Foreigners

You can join the exam of the ‘agentschap Integratie en Inburgering’ for the NT2 diploma. Or you can request an NHA-certificate if you submit all your homework and if you have an average score of 5.5 or higher.

Previous education

Some knowledge of the Dutch language is desired for successful completion of this course.



How you study

Study at your own pace – wherever you want

You have the freedom to choose where, when and how you study. Moreover, you can always set your own pace. This makes it perfect for combining the course with your demanding job or personal hobbies. You can start the course on any day of the year. 

Flexibility: printed and digital versions

You receive the complete course package in a luxury ring-binder at home per mail. In most cases you can also find the course package in the digital learning environment Plaza, so you can always study the way that suits you best.

Personal assistance

Thanks to the personal guidance of our expert teachers, you are not alone. You can send your homework assignments to your teacher, who will reply quickly. Your homework will be corrected, provided with feedback, advice, explanations and a grade. Your questions will be answered. You can use this unique study guidance for 3 years for all NHA courses. This is a unique service in Belgium.

When you start this course, your personal teacher will introduce him/herself.

Contact with other students

All NHA-students can sign up to our Digital Learning Environment (Plaza). On this platform you can contact other students who follow the same course. You can study together, exchange experiences and maybe meet each other. This makes studying extra fun!

Advantages of our Digital Learning Environment Plaza

  • Consult study guide
  • Study the lessons
  • Watch the video(s) and listen to exercises
  • Send your homework and possible questions to your teacher
  • Activate your digital coach to encourage you
  • A clear overview of homework grades and exam results
  • Visit the Media library for essential downloads
  • Contact other students in the course 



Course length

The course takes about 9 months at an average study rate of four hours a week. Ofcourse you can spend more time studying, or take breaks if you need to. You determine your own pace.


Call us: 032 57 51 91 or send us an e-mail.

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Bel ons: 032 57 51 91 of stuur ons een e-mail.


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Dutch for Foreigners
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Ik denk dat het een ideale situatie is voor mensen die zich geen tijd kunnen veroorloven om in de klas te leren. De voordelen zijn enorm en ik hoop de mijne te maximaliseren.

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